Personal Injury Attorney, Loveland, Colorado

Personal Injury

The unpredictability of injury should not be followed by the uncertainty of receiving just compensation. Whether the injury was sustained due to neglect or carelessness, damages may be due to you. Trust the Attorneys at Matsunaka & Associates to evaluate your case and provide the best course of action to secure a proper settlement for you.

Examples of negligence:

  • Car accidents caused by impaired drivers, texting drivers, or inattentive drivers
  • Medical complications resulting from a physician’s carelessness
  • Dog bite due through inattentive owner of a vicious animal
  • Neglect by trusted staff including nursing care, hospital, or hospice

When an Injury Occurs

If you’ve been in an accident, get medical help immediately. Then contact Matsunaka & Associates. We will provide the steps needed to prove your case is just, record substantiating evidence, and build a strong case that demonstrate that the third party was responsible for your injuries.

Use Discretion

Many insurance companies are guided by profit margin and not by your best interests. Do not speak to anyone before talking with us. We will give to you the right course of action that is applied to your specific circumstances. We will stand by you throughout the process.

Choose Matsunaka & Associates

If you have suffered emotionally, physically or financially due to injury brought on by a third party, it is necessary to have legal representation. There is no better representative in the Northern Colorado area than Matsunaka & Associates.