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Real Estate and Property Law

Real estate and property law is a complex practice area that deals with a variety of related issues including the rights and interests in real estate; sales, purchases, and transfers of real property. There are also the need to contend with significant variations in law throughout different cities and states. We assist you with the drafting of deeds and filing of liens, to handling boundary and zoning disputes. We also assist families in court when threatened with foreclosure.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

At Matsunaka & Associates, we are specialized in transaction negotiation, documentation and securing excellent outcomes for our clients. We provide counsel for real estate transactions, litigation, and administrative laws, and handle intricate commercial disputes and appeals. Trust us to advise and assist you in your purchases and sales for all your residential and commercial needs. We offer continued advisement for issues related to rent increases, due diligence and housing developments.
Our attorneys provide legal representation for all your real estate and property law needs including:

  • Commercial lease and draft negotiation
  • Commercial sales and Purchases
  • Residential sales and Purchases
  • Residential Lease and drafting negotiation
  • Litigation
  • Contract litigation
  • Construction liability and litigation
  • Environmental litigation
  • Landlord-Tenant disputes and litigation